Re: Re: Any incentives for starting a business in Spain?


“Shakeel, your pointless negativity is rather tiresome. We have all heard your constant unsubstantiated moaning generalisations, and understand your postition clearly.”

I am sorry if you find it tiresome & negative. There are a lot of members who may not have looked at a certain aspect of life in Spain plus new members. I rather they find it tiresome & negative than loose their money, time, effort & energy. Not everything in life can be
substainted but that does not mean it does not exist.

Yes, in Rome do as the Romans do. No unlike others I do not watch English TV only, in fact I watch both, further I do speak Spanish & made an effort to go to a University in Spain.

Spain is a country to enjoy life not to work and if one can manage & throw money at problems than this is great. There may be people running so called successful businesses. One has to ask How much start up capital was required, Number of hours put it. What was their take home at the end of the month, how much more it would have been if so many mouths did not have to be fed who had not contributed to ones bottom line on the contrary they have been an obstacle and while one is working their guts off the mouth that one has fed is having his beer on the beach.

Some, Countries have the policy of encouraging business others dont & Spain is in the later category. The fact that the majority of Spaniards wants to work as civil servants the black economy is probably as big as the main economy and there 20% unemployment substantiate my argument

I, love Spain passionately. However we have to call spade a spade and until we dont face reality we are deceiving ourselves & my so called negative comments are the reality in a harsh world. People can take it or leave. I let other people take you to the rose garden. The Cactus garden is more prickly & people need to tread with care.