Re: Re: Any incentives for starting a business in Spain?

El anciano wrote:
Shakeel, your pointless negativity is rather tiresome. We have all heard your constant unsubstantiated moaning generalisations, and understand your postition clearly.

This thread was about starting businesses, not boring us with anti-Spain spam. 👿

I can see where Shakeel was coming from. Starting a business in Spain is fact, similar to entering a minefield. Costs are high, if you want to open a shop or office usually a plan of the premises has to be drawn up, but it must be done by a “tecnico”, cost about 500 euros. Then umpteen forms have to be lodged with the town hall, Social Security , Hacienda etc. Plus high rental values. Help from government is almost nil, if one is prepared to run around for about three days obtaining this permission and that permission ,plus all the additional costs mentioned the princely sum of about 4,000 euros may be forthcoming. The photocopying bill will be quite high too. Plus treatment for a slipped disc due to the weight of carrying the paperwork around all the government departments.

Additionally the old bill will probably be around trying to place a fine on the unsuspecting entrepreneur as soon as he opens the door to give the place a clean.

I may be following Shakeel in being negative but this is how it is, I have just helped someone set up a business, IT IS VERY HARD WORK.

However so as not to be accused of negativity Really good news ,after years of abuse , autonomos,self employed, people, will soon be able to claim the paro(dole), for periods depending on how long they have contributed to the Social Security, at last they will or can receive something for their 250 euros each month.