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Ardun, I agree with you 100%. I feel his choice could be for other reasons e.g romantic, historical link like in my case the passion for the Moorish period.

Technology, can cut out bureaucracy. It cost time,money, training and the instalation of systems. This would be against the interest of the civil servents. Turkeys voting for christmas comes to mind.

That’s actually a very good point. Civil servants or any other “employe” will always work against it’s employer when he tries to make things more efficient. You have to force them and in the case over goverment jobs even the “bosses” will work against it. Very hard to get away from that.

There are lots of opportunities in Spain if you have “high skills” and can get through the language and cultural barrier in Spain. When you have accomplished that you can be quite set since it works sort of like a barrier for outside competition.