Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities


Chris M

Back to the ‘Good News’ Jaime…

We are seeing a sustained and ongoing increase in clients viewing and buying properties over the past several years.

That’s nice to be able to report, it is not a gold rush, but then we don’t want it to be, but it is ever upward month on month, year on year.

Our staggeringly great airport is ever busier and soon to be fully complete, and I noted on a blog this morning that Malaga remains the number one searched for destination on the web in the UK, followed by I think it said 6 other Spanish destinations in the top ten.

We will finally have a new underpass open on the N340 soon at San Pedro and an end to that irritating problem for us locals, but is also the last piece in a road infrastructure jigsaw that has transformed our whole coast for the good over the past 20 years of continual invesment and improvement.

And well, didn’t someone post a link here recently that Banesto also sold some 1,500 properties in March and at a discount than was less than they had provisioned for.

There is plenty of good news and interesting things going on, there always has been.