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An interesting article by a Canadian entrepreneur, as to why he started his business in Madrid. It gives pros (cheaper living than American cities, support from local govt, talented people to work on the project) and cons (the bureaucracy, lack of brainstorming opportunities) of doing so, so is perhaps of more value than a heavily-biased piece.

Good article.

My question to him would be why he didn’t choose to go for a country like India where he could find the tech savy people for about 2% of the cost? Just noticed that his “scheme” was to help spanish companies to cater towards the “american” market. Incredible what sort of help they hand him from the goverment instead of just trying to remove the bureaucracy. Spain is way behind in technology department and you can see that by high mobile, internet prices etc. Lots of companies still doesn’t even have a prescense on the web in Spain and if the do it’s quite “crappy”.