Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities


Plenty of investments going into Spain at the moment. Quite understandably they’re overshadowed by the banking sector stuff, but the business types are investing…

French cement manufacturer Lafarge opens R&D centre in Madrid

Interxion to open 2nd data centre in Madrid

Hilton hotels to open 4 new hotels in Spain every year

There is also an amazing amount of investment going into Spanish startups (from Spanish as well as from international VC funds). I’ll put the blog link here when the May entry from is published, but I’m sure it will include the following startup companies who’ve announced major funding rounds:
Teambox, THe Mad Video, Catchoom, Yuilop, Etece, The Etailers, Blaffin, WineIsSocial and Habittissimo, among others!
A lot of entrepreneurs and tech innovators are investing in these Spanish companies.
Maybe in angie’s view they are mistaken – but it’s happening !!