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@katy wrote:

Old news, here is the latest…Spanish bond rates UP!

Still with yields, the UK’s five-year note yields fell to a record low, slipping as much as two basis points to 0.526pc, after the Bank of England minutes showed that policy makers voted 7-2 to increase stimulus and said they may consider the case for cutting interest rates again. France’s 10-year yields also apparently dropped to record lows this morning of 2.068pc.

Conversely, Spain’s 10-year yields have ticked up 2 basis points to 6.739pc.

Despite your screaming red ink, do you dispute what I quoted ? 😆 Almost as though it hurts you to see good news about Spain.

The Treasury in Madrid sold 12-month bills at an average yield of 3.918 percent, compared with 5.074 percent at the last auction on June 19, and 18-month bills at an average rate of 4.242 percent, compared with 5.107 percent last month.