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@katy wrote:

I thought thats what you were hoping Spain would do seeing as you are looking for property…aren’t some hoping for about 350 pesetas to the Pound 😉

I’m not “hoping” Spain leaves the Euro, although I admit I thought it would have done by now. A difference between opinion and desire. Property prices are coming down, so no need for a currency devaluation.

I actually see a bright future for Spain within or without the Euro currency. Too much talent. You can see this by the strong export results of the last two years, despite the sneerers trying to paint Spain as uncompetitive. I’ve worked with many Spanish people both in the UK and in Spain, and generally they were talented and diligent workers. Not to say there aren’t uncooperative or lazy examples out there (I remember some staff in a Valencian restaurant who weren’t up to it), but I really don’t recognise this stereotype some Brits have of the Spanish people.

I see the king is off to Russia today, to see if he can help the Spanish win a 17 billion rail deal. Of course it’s not a done deal, and someone like the French may clinch that particular project. But to win a competition, you have to be in it to stand a chance. Spain is rising to the challenge. It’s been said in various quarters (not just from Spain) that Spain will exit the crisis quicker and sooner than many people expect…