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Old news, here is the latest…Spanish bond rates UP!

Still with yields, the UK’s five-year note yields fell to a record low, slipping as much as two basis points to 0.526pc, after the Bank of England minutes showed that policy makers voted 7-2 to increase stimulus and said they may consider the case for cutting interest rates again. France’s 10-year yields also apparently dropped to record lows this morning of 2.068pc.

Conversely, Spain’s 10-year yields have ticked up 2 basis points to 6.739pc.

Despite your screaming red ink, do you dispute what I quoted ? 😆 Almost as though it hurts you to see good news about Spain.

The Treasury in Madrid sold 12-month bills at an average yield of 3.918 percent, compared with 5.074 percent at the last auction on June 19, and 18-month bills at an average rate of 4.242 percent, compared with 5.107 percent last month.

Not disputing what you said but mine is up to date…like one hour ago. Yours was yesterdays news, something which you are fond of picking up with posters on here :mrgreen:

Taken from the Telegraph live comment

Conversely, Spain’s 10-year yields have ticked up 2 basis points to 6.739pc.

Ah so you want a daily commentary on market speculation, as opposed to what Spain actually paid for the bonds – 3.918 % for 12 months, 4.242% for 18 months?

To be fair, if one day it turns out that Spain can’t sell their bonds – then there will be a serious dilemma – they will have to either stop spending or leave the Euro. I’m sure you’ll be all over the bad news thread if that happens…