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Claims that the new labour laws will create 300,000 new jobs…the jury will be out on this one until the autumn I think. We’ve had 3 successful months of falls in unemployment, but you’d expect that at this time of year. Article in Spanish

Spanish exports to the US up 20% in 2011. No doubt as the US continues to come out of recession, this figure can be improved

The United States, which accounted for 3.68% of total Spanish exports in 2011, is Spain´s sixth export destination in the world and the first outside of the European Community. The U.S. considers Spain a producer of top quality technology goods.
According to ESTACOM data, Spanish exports to the United States amounted to € 7.8 billion in 2011, 20% higher than the previous year. Oil exports accounted for € 2.27 billion; art, antiques, stamps and other collectables, € 270 million; wine and related products, € 253 million; vegetables and prepared vegetables, € 263.7 million, and organic chemical compounds for industrial use, € 212 million.