Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities


Strange to see this – the June fall in unemployment is a record. Of course you’d expect a fall at this time, but a record when European countries are struggling? I think the horrible weather in northern Europe is making for a good tourist season in Spain.

The total number of people out of work there fell by nearly 100,000 in June.
That is traditionally a good month for employment as the tourism season begins but this was the best June on record. It was also the third month in a row the jobless rate has fallen.

Seems there are still plenty of busines investments taking place as shrewd (or naiive? ) businessfolk take advantage of the situation.

Siemens Enterprise Communications recently set up Southern European HQs in Madrid (Spanish article)

US-based web security company Blue Coat establishes Southern European Headquarters in Madrid (Spanish article)

Some nice rail export news
The Spanish company Assignia will build several sections of Morocco’s high speed train line,3346,1549487_6719796_6728280_4599123,00.html

The web startup for pets, Miscota, has gained 500,000 euros in investment (spanish article)

Lastly, this may be an opportunity for those seeking a house buyer in strange parts… A new site (well two) has been set up to sell real estate to Chinese…(ok you’ll have to know Spanish, but you already do if you live there, don’t you??)