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@garysfbcn wrote:

Is there a website or service where I can post that I have 30-40% down payment and will have pre-approval for a mortgage sometime next week and have people who want to sell their flats contact me and bid-down each other for the opportunity to sign and close a sure-bet deal in a matter of weeks? That is what I did when I purchased a car last December and it worked out well for all involved.

I also thought of this the other day. There are plenty of potential buyers out there in a position to proceed but they have no idea what the “real” property prices are. I see properties hanging around the market for month after month with no reduction in asking price, so I know that the asking price is too high, but I’m just not prepared to go round checking out each property that interests me to find out how much the seller is willing to accept. So the ideal situation would be to have a web site (like a “property buyer’s portal”) that allows buyers to say “I’ve got €x of capital available, and I’m interested in such-and-such types of property, who wants to sell their property to me?” and then the sellers genuinely prepared to sell at (or below) that price can send the buyer the details of their property.