Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities



Good news? There has been a shift here in Barcelona. The number of appointments to view flats that have been kept is now about equal to the number of appointments canceled (many while waiting at the front door at the designated date and time), which is a big improvement. I do not want to feed the anti-Spanish sentiment exhibited by some in this forum, but given the lax attitude of real estate agents here, I think they should pay me to view pisos.

Because I am a perpetual cynic, I do not have high expectations from anyone. But what I am experiencing now is ridiculous. I am about to give up.

Is there a website or service where I can post that I have 30-40% down payment and will have pre-approval for a mortgage sometime next week and have people who want to sell their flats contact me and bid-down each other for the opportunity to sign and close a sure-bet deal in a matter of weeks? That is what I did when I purchased a car last December and it worked out well for all involved.