Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities



What company do you own or work for Chris? You can PM if you want. Ok think I found it. I will make a small “review” for you. đŸ˜€

I actually liked the fact that your webpage have lots of “happy” colours and not just a rigid colour scheme that often makes web pages look to serious. If you are catering to normal people of different ages that’s a good thing but not if you cater to the “finer” people you should maybe rethink the way it looks. If you have all sorts of consumers I would think about starting a separate “company” for the finer clientel. Since lots of your customers are moving to a new country I really like the fact that you have gone into depts to explain how most things work in Spain. What I don’t like is all the different links on both sides of most of the pages with stuff that you recommend. In a section where you for example discuss how health care works you can have those sort of links and not on the main page. Most pages also have a problem with cluttering with to much of different information… the information in itself is not bad but I hope you understand what I mean. You also have duplettes about certain things on your main page “About us” can be found both on the bar and when you scroll down. People can’t handle to much information at once and you should help them with structuring that up.

I like the fact that you have the balls to blog about a lot of things. Ofcourse I wasn’t expecting to read any articles about “negative” things but if you dared to I think it would give your firm more credibility in the eyes of the consumers. Maybe you do that in news letters etc?

May I ask what the other sellers say about when you are offering certain “objects” as bargains and not theirs?