Re: Re: Any good news or opportunities



be nice then to ask some forum members to critique it

Can I make a suggestion? When you see search results would it be possible to put as much compact information with the image as possible. The idea being you can see a single image and its key facts (price/area+terrace/location (map?)/sea view etc), without having to click into the page. Put as many of these on a single scrollable page as possible, 20,50,100 or more as an option.

If i was doing this, I’d also make it possible to specify what information appears in the search results – this is called ad-hoc reporting and its essential when you get a massive amount of data to look at. It maybe too much work and obviously some of the information is wrong for whatever reason, but it would make searching easier.

On a side note, although this applies less to your site, I’m amazed that properties with a sea view sometimes don’t actually show the view and do I want to see pictures of peoples furniture? Nice couch..