Re: Re: Anual taxes/fees for properties in Spain


Hi Flosmichael,

the VAT rate in spain as you are probably aware has gone from 16% to 18%. The other taxes are SUMA – council tax for rubbish collection etc – I pay on average yearly about E150 per year, La Renta Tax which is a tax whether or not you rent your property – last year mine was E45 – it goes on the catastral value as far as I am aware. You can do this return yourself through the local tax office – or through a fiscal representative which can cost more than the tax itself. The add on fees i.e. stamp duty, legal, VAT which I bought was appox 10% this may have changed with the recent changes. The community fees now I pay have reduced and we pay them twice yearly January E330 and July E107 – these go on the square meterage of your dwelling. Other than that there are no other taxes – the wealth tax has been abolished. The only other charges to watch for are Iberdorla (electric) and Aguagest (water) – the standing charges alone for these can be high. To point out I am on the Costa Blanca – the SUMA etc may vary in different regions.

Hope this is of help!