Re: Re: Anual Cost of maintaining a house in Spain


@Chris Williams wrote:

Could anybody give me a rough breakdown of the anual cost of maintaining a House in southern Andalucia, whilst still living in the UK.
Re Council Rates, Standing Charges for Water and Electicity and any
Taxes, also possibly a low cost Security Company to keep an eye on the Property.
We understand we need to appoint a Fiscal representative and deposit a certain amount of money in a Spanish Bank to cover these costs.

Chris – the costs are obviously going to depend on where you buy, size of property etc. My most recent IBI bill (rates) was €107 for the year.
Electricity standing charge total depends on your contracted potencia but is €1.53 per kW per month. Standing charge for water €27 per annum.
You no longer “need” to appoint a fiscal representative as a non-resident (as it says in some out of date books) though you may want to. Your bills can all be paid by DD and a non-resident tax return is quite straightforward with info available on the AEAT website in English if need be.
Re non-resident taxes etc I’m sure someone else will be able to help.