Re: Re: Another Tale of Woe

katy wrote:

They have had his money since 2003 😯 Same ole, same ole. Even the comments about Brain and Airport 👿

Take a look at the first photo..looks like a UK housing estate.

Tina Reeves, who has worked as an estate agent in Spain for the last 18 years, says tortuous planning laws are part of the problem.

“Licences granted by local councils to developers are being rescinded by the regional authorities,” she explains.

“It’s not the fault of the developers, it’s the fault of local councils granting licences and not passing it by the region. Also, not many Spanish banks are lending at the moment. They are getting uptight because even they don’t know whether anything is legal any more.”

The quote from this Tina Reeves person made me laugh, “It´s not the fault of the developers.”, how she works that out I do not understand ,they all knew that there was a possibility that councils would be overruled.