Re: Re: An expat life.


I’ve tried both, but then decided to live a bit nearer to civilisation and try the half and half approach. The foreign population here probably stands at something like 10%, which doesn’t sound a lot, but I have to sadly say that we have a disproportional effect on the local economy because we are wealthier than the remaining 90%. It sounds horrible, but it’s true.

Consequently, local house building, shopping centres, a plethora of bank branches and the service industry is squarely aimed at us, the foreigners. When we dial 112 in emergencies, we can speak in English, German and Russian should we need to. Spanish businesses need English speakers to succeed.

Integration is bound to fall by the wayside, there is little need for it. And I have to say from my inland experience that Spanish people are happy to keep most foreigners at arm’s length, just like the wrong kind of leaves on an English railway track, they are not all welcome.