Re: Re: An anonymous tip-off regarding Spanish GDP…


Okay, we have removed the original post here because we were taking just too much heat, life’s too short and we’d even started to question the (political) motives of the anonymous source.

But we’ve left the comments, so people can continue the debate if they like.

Backstory: a piece of analysis has been doing the rounds in Madrid and London questioning the veracity of various Spanish economic statistics. Right-wing Spanish media got wind of it on Thursday and somewhat bizarrely broadcast it as having been endorsed by the FT.

For the record, this was not the case.

We carried excepts from the analysis and tried to get some explanation for apparent anomalies in the numbers — but without much success. The Instituto Nacional de Estadística didn’t get back to us with a detailed response, and the Finance Ministry fumed.

In the meantime, as the dialogue below indicates, everyone’s gone nuts.