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Hi Smurf
Paul glad to hear you sorted yours out. i have contract which says the builder has to compleate in 24 mths of starting the building and has to pay 5% unless termination of works are due to non attributable cause to the promoter or act of god. i have asked my lawyer on many occasions to find out when building work started i know this can be worked out but she keeps putting me off and will not confirm dates. The answer to your question would i change my mind i think i would only because know one keeps you informed . It seems most people have the same problem no feed back from agents, lawyers builders and of course delays if only they gave you some kind of assurance things would be fine dont you think
Thanks for the advice

Regards Smurf
Fortunately I eventually got out of my problem there reasonably ok, so basically I’m just trying to help others not fall into the same traps as I did, hoping more people become more aware of the pitfalls.

Regarding your purchase, would you get out of it if you could?

If so, I wonder if you could exercise a get out clause if you cannot get a completion date or alternatively get your lawyer to insert a penalty clause for delayed completion. Don’t forget, some lawyers appear to be working more for the Developer and Estate Agent than the client, there are too many kick-backs and incestuous relationships between many of them.