Re: Re: Advice for a quick eviction of bad tenants please!


@logan wrote:

Janem – You can always send me a private message through this web site.

Yes I would advise getting a good lawyer local to your property especially if you live in UK. The difficulty is finding such an animal with emphasis on the ‘good’. There are many who are useless and simply interested in extracting money from you.

Best thing is to do some research among local people you trust and on the web. Don’t take any agents recommendation.

Hi, I’m new to this site. Just wondering if you sorted out your non paying tenants. I’ve had a tenant in my apartment since last April who only paid a couple of months. No one is paying electricity but the bills are ongoing and not yet been cut off. I’m paying water bills as I’ve been told I have to and will no doubt have a huge electricity to pay if the tenant ever leaves, she is Russian. I’ve now put it in the hands of a Lawyer (6 weeks ago) but nothing has moved on, not even the power of attorney has been sent out to us for him to act on our behalf. Just wondering were you are up to with yours? Any help would be appreciated.