Re: Re: Advice for a quick eviction of bad tenants please!


@janem. Sorry to hear your position. This precisely why Spain not a good Country to buy to let, besides the yields.

What is express is subjective as you are no doubt finding out. The Law in Spain is for someone to bind the act & place it a legal library & nothing more.

Logan is correct in disconnecting the utilities. Yes the lawyer will advise you to not to it , as it is in his interest to string you along for a higher legal fee. This is not a fair Country & might is right.

Even this issues goes to Court you could always use the defence that you did not have the funds to meet the utility bill & you paid up to a certain point & later you could not. Be prepared for the tenant thrashing up the place before they are thrown out. In short welcome to Spain, yes the sun only shines in Spain !!!!!