Re: Re: Advice for a quick eviction of bad tenants please!


This very much depends on the type of tenant you have. In my experience if they are genuine people in difficulties they will accept the disconnection and move out.

If they are people with a militant attitude determined to extract what they can from you get your actions have to be different.

I agree with Shakeel in so far as not paying the bills will have the same effect as terminating the contract. ie: the utility companies will remove the meters. That also indemnifies you against action allegations that you are harassing the tenant but when you come to reconnect them the utility companies may demand a hefty deposit.

If it come to them counter suing you for harassment the court will investigate your resources and ask why you failed to pay the bills. Be prepared to prove hardship yourself. The police will not intervene it’s a civil matter.

Remember we are writing here about theoretical possibilities. Firstly the tenants would have to pay a lawyer up front a considerable sum to counter sue you. Ask yourself if that’s likely. Then consider any court fines for harassment and the likelihood of having your property embargoed by the courts against the inconvenience of having tenants not paying the rent etc pending the eviction in about 9 months time.

It’s your call of course but I would base my decision on the kind of tenant you are dealing with. If you don’t know them then it’s more difficult. A good reason to know who you let a property to.

Either way some risk is involved and it may be cheaper to stay meticulously on the right side of the law even though that galls. Good luck with it.