Re: Re: Advice for a quick eviction of bad tenants please!


Shakeel/Logan thanks once again!

These tenants are definitely not genuine people in difficulties. They have been difficult and aggressive since they moved in. We are now on month 5 of a 5 year contract and they stopped paying on month 3.

I believe I have been targeted and that they have looked for any excuse to stop paying me asap. I assume they will try and freeload for as long as possible and will put up a good defense in court: he has had 3 heart attacks apparently. Also, there are problems with the communal area due to lack of funds -dirty, poor light, entrance door that doesn´t require a key. It´s out of my control but I am concerned as to what extent they can use this. The only saving grace is the lift works!

They are a Romanian couple who have intimidated me often with a menacing double-act. I am sure they are pros. I see that there is a web called FIM (fichero de inquilinos morosos). Out of curiosity I´d love to register and see if they are on this list. If there is a better web/list please advise. And if I find something can this be used against them?

I assume there is no protection against them trashing my apartment and stealing everything movable.