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We have bought on Los Corales Estepona site ( 2 1/2 years ago) and paid the full IVA up front.
I have been constantly chasing them for realistic completion dates, but in typical OV fashion, the goalposts move! đź‘ż
Would welcome a pm from any other purchasers on this Estepona site to discuss issues

hi we have also purchased in this block and just returned from a visit to the site this week end we were devastated by what we found. it is not what we brought, there is not a private pool and gardens the pool is fenced off to the other none ocean view blocks an we will need a key to access it but by walking through a public park first. the back of the complex is an open public park and not a private complex as we thought it would be and were lead to believe by ovp. the pool is just block paved and no planting around it – very ugly. and will be used by all the local residents from that block as the development is a residential one and popular with the local Spanish. we did some investigating whilst in Spain. I have lots of photos. the apartment was also disappointing and not to the standard we where expecting infact very basic and cheapest materials used i.e. bathroom tiles etc. kitchens are not installed yet (you cant get occupation licence until this is done) poor finishes in the tiling. the apartment is smaller than the 87square meters shown on the plan it is actually 67sq m after looking at out contract in more details. as property sale prices in Spain is mainly based on sq m area we will be luck to get back what we paid for. The OVP travel brochure is misleading ands it looks nothing like the picture and it states own communal pool this is not true. it is not a holiday accommodation is it a residential block of flats with the use of next door pool. with no private gardens or anything just a public park to sit in and a little water fountain to dip you toe into, there are several pathways approaching from different parts of the surrounding residential area. we have been deceived right from the start. we also have trouble in getting responses etc. the OVP rep did not meet with us but sent some one from the development who could not speak a word of English, he promised to meet up with us to discuss our concerns and did not make contact with us.
we also have a medical centre underneath the block.
we have made contact with other buyers and plan to get together to plan what to do next. as this is not what we bought – we wanted an apartment in a holiday complex like all the other OVP developments, we have stayed at a couple of them and have always been impressed with standard and the grounds etc. this development does not compare even a little to the others and is a complete disappointment. we would not stay there not really ideal for families. especially when your kids have to dodge the dog s### in order to get to the pool which is the other side of the gates.
if you would like to see the photos I would be more than happy to send them ore if you would like to get together with other owner to launch an attack and demand some answers let me know although I think we need to act quickly.
OVP are hiding something from us I can sense it.

This property is likely only going to be able to be let as a long term residential one and not for holiday accommodation we have enquired at local estate agents and they all have said the same you are looking around 500 – 600 euros per month for long term rental. sale price approx 180 to 195000 euros for a 2 bed.
I am not willing to fork out 23000 euros for furniture package if we cant let it and use it ourselves – although we wouldn’t want to holiday in it anyway its depressing. 23000 euros is also too much for furniture we have been told average cost is around 7000-9000 sterling. although Ikea is opening in Malaga so even cheaper.