Re: Re: A messge to Mark Stucklin



@elizabeth C wrote:

I find the SPI to be a very informative forum for those in Spain, wanting to move to Spain and property owners who have issues in Spain. I have a rather strange request…..maybe it isn’t possible in these times. Would you consider digging a bit deeper and giving us a bit of good news! I am a property owner in Valencia who tries to remain positive with high hopes that the market will begin a slow return to normal in the 4Q 09 / 1Q 10.

Maybe in all the doom and gloom you report so truthfully (I am not implying that you are a doom and gloomer) you could throw us a bit of good news occasionally! Please…

Please start yourself by giving us any good news from USA. We all know that the property prices there still fall like a rock as they did in the last 3 years. When the prices stabilize in USA, then count another 2 years and find the monent when property prices might stabilize in Spain.

USA crash started in 2006, Spain crashe started in the honest in 2008.
There is 2 year delay.

Mark is very careful not to to appear doomy, there is no good news and won’t be for some time.