Re: Re: a message to mark stucklin


angela wrote:
Hi Elizabeth C,

It is not all doom and gloom – the sun shines in spain (well nearly always) and the cost of living compared to where I live (Ireland) is a lot cheaper. You have lovely beaches on your doorstep and the infrastructure in spain i.e. roads to me seem to be excellent. Look on the good side if you were buying in spain at present look at the value to be had!.


Sorry Angela to add to the gloom, but in the Spanish newspaper ABC , today,there is an article which makes gloomy reading. Apparently after the subprime problem there are another two problems coming up in 2010, these are the “Alt -A” and “Arm”. These two mortgage products are American inventions and are accident waiting to happen, although American the whole world could be affected. The “Arm” problem could be as serious as the subprime , it is due to make 2010 and quite a bit of 2011, an ” annus horribilis”

If true Spanish market to recover in 2013,14 ,15 ,16???

Worldwide stockmarkets should all open sharply lower tomorrow, the recovery is still a long way off. The problem is the inmates are running the asylum,so do not rely on politicians to get us out of the mess, in a hurry.