Re: Re: a bit more positive news for the sceptics….


Yes quite a few on here would like to see my posts and a few others censored.

Most Spanish forums are dying or much quieter than they were a few years ago. The other one I am on ( is quiet too. Not because of negative comments as more day to day things are discussed. They are quiet because many ex-pats have left Spain for good and there is little interest in moving to Spain unlike a few years ago.

This is supposed to be an insight into spanish property matters and pointing out that B.Woods charges £900+vat (non-refundable!) PLUS 2.5% of the purchase price to find a property should actually be considered when reading between the lines. If she is going to keep churning these article out to every UK newspaper I wish she would take a course in communication skills…dreadfully long paragraphs make it painful to plod through 😉

If you are going to quote her in every flipping post then I should have the right to point out her views may be coloured by the above!