Re: Re: a bit more positive news for the sceptics….


@logan wrote:

Yes my example was worth a punt with a price drop. There are many examples of individual value across the country. Spain’s a big place, that does not indicate however in any way the market is recovering. It simply means the Caja’s in particular are getting more realistic after huge pressure from central government and the Bank of Spain to off load their none performing assets.

Exactly my point….you are all generalising the property market in Spain too much….this is exactly what Barbara Wood said in that blog you are all having a pop at….
The bad stock will sit there, the good stock will go… this is one of the “many examples of individual value across the country” as you so rightly put it…

In the UK, the north suffered more of a drop in prices than the south… so you see, you cannot qoute that the whole of Spain will go the same way, that is simply untrue….

This is why I am saying, if you read her blog, a lot of it is spot on!