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Apart from that, to other readers of the forum, dont’ let this put you off of posting positive comments regardless of whether it annoys the few buyers on here.
Keep the good news coming…

You also make snide personal attacks. I would welcome some positive signs the market was recovering if it were true. The stuff you churn out has little basis for serious investors.
Most market pundits with a wide breadth of knowledge and insight of Spain’s economic prospects have nothing positive to report. It’s all negative. So why you keep insisting to the contrary baffles me.
If I and other investors believed for one moment the market was stirring we would hot-foot it down to Spain and snap up all the so called ‘bargains’ I’m offered on a daily basis. Chance of a lifetime? Not.

ok then Logan, answer these questions if you can with a yes or no (not with some politicians essay trying to avoid the initial question, which you lot are great at by the way…)

Is it true that the good properties will sell before the rubbish ones in Spain at no so much of a drop as the crap ones?
Is is true that properties HAVE sold in 2010?

SOMEONE purchased those sold properties in 2010, as properties will also sell in 2011, and the ones that will sell will be the good stock…Live in denial all you like. This is all I have ever stated
I have never said you will make a killing if you buy now… I have never said you should “invest” now… I have just quoted the above time and time again…but as you all seem to think that avoiding what I am saying and going off on one, is making your argument look more credible then go ahead…