Re: Re: a bit more positive news for the sceptics….


JP & Brian, many of us have taken time and tried to explain all this to ethnatkev, he’s having none of it and seems to be on some sort of crusade to prove the market is alive an well – youve seen his, invest now or “miss the boat” crap. Which in itself would be fine if it was even remotely true, unfortunately its not and his daft views need to be constantly crushed less he manages to convince some poor schmuck who happens upon his posts to splurge all their savings on Spanish property in the belief that they’ll be making a killing in the near future or are about to miss the boat.

I think most of us agree on advice for buyers; buy if you need to or find something you love and are in it for the long term, dont buy under the belief that its the bottom of the market and you’ll make a killing or some other crap that you’ll miss the boat. Its simply not true.