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I dont think you want any reply to the above, looks like a very emotional statement more than anything, and I guess you dont need upsetting any more than you already are, so i’ll just wish you all the best in selling so you can cheer up a bit and relax.

…you still did though didn’t you…you just can’t help yourself…you should have been a comedian 😆

ok cuddles, we all know your nursing a bad case of negative equity, but you dont need to get all irate with me about it. I didnt force you to buy in the boom and sell in the bust, so just chill out.

oh dear…..when someone has to get personal it is a sign they are losing the argument…you talk about my personal life the same way you talk about the spanish property market, assumptions is all you have to offer…not that it is any of your business but I am not in negative equity. Lucky enough for me I paid cash for half the amount of the purchase price, in the boom you also made good money, well some of us did anyway… so you don’t need to worry about that old timer….To be honest I don’t need to sell at all right now, I just want to, big difference….I have turned down one offer and will do so again if the price isn’t right… I will wait 5 to 10 years if I have to….no hurry from my end…however you seem very irrate in wanting this market to bottom out so you can buy, why would you spend every waking hour on here otherwise?…..I think you are in more of a hurry to buy than I am to sell. I have seen you have a tendency to get personal with people on this forum….I think you really need to take a chill pill…
Funny thing is though, I only posted a blog from Marks home page and all of these personal attacks… 😕 oooohhhh I think all of this has certainly hit a nerve hasn’t it adiep….I think you are actually getting worried that buyers and sellers will start believing all these headlines, and the market might start moving after all, at these still obviously unaffordable prices for you…now I understand why you felt the need to put your opinion on the blog so quickly….no need to get so personal though, bit childish really… 😕 ….and yet again…for the second time….I will leave this discussion here, and let adiep have his final say as he always seems to….bye bye adiep…