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I am an adult and can do what I want with my money. What is it to you what I do with my very own money. What is the difference of buying a €300,000, €500,000 or €1,500,000 house. I assume people only buy what they can afford. I am hoping to get away from the cold and enjoy a bit of sunshine.

Paying 900,000 euros to get a bit of sunshine is a little expensive if you ask me. It is nice and sunny in England at the moment and with global warming it is expected to get even hotter in the coming years. Why pay 900,000 euros to live in a country where the sunshine causes premature ageing and can give you skin cancer.

If it is hot weather that you are after then stay in Britain and go to a lovely hot sauna instead and save all the expense of going abroad and buying a property! Alternatively go to Spain and live in rented accommodation rather then buying.

I find it really odd why people go to all the expense of buying a holiday home in Spain when they are going to spend just two weeks in the year living in it when they would be much better off just paying for a two week package holiday to Spain instead which will be much cheaper and avoid all the expense of owning a property in Spain.

Please get a life! If you are from the UK you know that €900,000 doesn’t even get you a one bedroom apartment with view of a brick wall in London. So please don’t discuss prices with me since you are from a country with some of the most stupidly priced real estate in the world.

NO, I am not from the UK.

Maybe €1,000,000 is to me what €100,000 is to you. Therefore the price I paid is irrelevant and not what the discussion is about.