Re: Re: 7% tax on property purchase vs capital gains tax

Fuengi (Andrew)

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considering all the threads you have started asking the most basic of questions, maybe you should back yourself up with some real facts and figures before throwing your opinions around?

Just as thought

Nobody is going to pay 900,000 euros for that property in the future. He has certainly lost almost 100,000 in transaction costs, now you cannot argue with that figure!

you have not even asked what he has bought, the location, qualities, etc… So yes you statement are still unsupported

EDIT: Although I do agree if the valuaiton was 1.5 several years ago a valuation should come out to about 1000000 now (assuming the valuation was accurate and not inflated). If so a further 20% should be knocked of to give a market price. So around 800/850.000€. With an offer around 700.000€.

But this is easy to say without more knowledge of the property in question.