Re: Re: 50,000 illegal homes in the province!


Josefina Cruz Villalón, Minister for Housing and Planning

Her words – and attitude towards foreign purchasers:

“the intrusion of people”

“a group of people who are not of this country and who have settled here illegally”

“a group of people who have settled illegally in our territory”

“We are trying to address a problem that has occurred in Andalucia as a consequence of a lack of respect for the culture of the territory, for the culture of the landscape and for the planning culture”

Mumky wrote: “What a dysfunctional state of affairs.”
Are you surprised when ministers like this one is dysfunctional herself, in total denial.
I get the feeling she will only be happy if all intruding foreigners are rounded up and put into camps.

My message to her re. the last statement I quoted: I suggest you start with your own Town Halls, dear.