Re: Re: 50,000 illegal homes in the province!



@Rocker wrote:

A thousand demolitions? It’s madness.

The huge spoon of salt in the wound, besides this potential number of demolitions, is the tens of thousands who are ‘offered an amnesty’ to make their homes legal by being asked to pay. This is obviously ‘the solution’ sought by the Minister for Housing and Planning.

It was the builders/developers who profited when they built and sold, the Town Hall rabble who profited by gleefully stashing away their brown envelopes full of bribes, and the Junta who profited by happily receiving all the taxes of these so-called illegal builds. Yet the Junta now deems it right that it’s the purchasers who should dig into their pockets to fill the Town Hall coffers to rectify the situation.

These tens of thousands affected, relating their stories back home, will be just a big a turn off for potential purchasers as the demolitions and am sure these stories spread across Germany/Scandanavia as well. Imagine the bad PR that would spread from that number-wise.

As you say Rocker, madness. Spain does not deserve any faith in their property market, it’s almost like it’s hell-bent on destroying it.