Re: Re: 50,000 illegal homes in the province!



Christ, both articles are only in the Spanish press, but they’re bound to be picked up by the English media. A thousand demolitions? One, in the same area, has already discouraged thousands of foreign buyers; a thousand would surely signal the death knell for all foreign buyers.

And, reading the comments on Katy’s link, the Spanish people don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. It’s all very well complaining that the local countryside has been destroyed by foreign buyers, which is true, but surely the authorities should have put a stop to it? And not waited until the illegal houses were built right under their noses?

I was in the company of happy expats today, revelling in incredible sunshine on a Spanish beach to die for, but those factors are going to be overshadowed by the realisation that you cannot safely buy a property in Spain.

A thousand demolitions? It’s madness.