Re: Re: 3% CGT Retention on sale of property


Alejandro Guillen
13:08 (4 hours ago)

Dear Charles

I passed the case to my colleges in Hamburg specialized in European Law. As you know we have three more clients with the same problem. In Hamburg they said we do not have a direct action to appeal to the European Court of Justice. So our possibilities ended with the Supreme Court resolution. I am afraid we cannot do anything else. It is very unfair that a country keeps for years tax legislation contrary to European law and there are not consequences at all. I am sure the outcome of the sentence would have been another one should Spain not be in crisis.

If you come to Mallorca please call me. I’ll invite you to a good restaurant to alleviate a little bit this injustice committed by our government.

Best regards


I concede. No point in wasting more money albeit contrary to a previous posting. At the very least I’ll get a good dinner!

Good luck with your respective claims…