Re: Re: 3% CGT Retention on sale of property


This is very bad and unfortunately what I read coming out of this country really indicates the Government has a chip on its shoulder and is going out of its way to be nasty. What with Gibralter as well. I think they may even think if they are nasty enough the British will just all go at rock bottom prices and Spanish can get the properties cheap ! This 3% though-I cannot understand why the lawyers do not do the full calculation when the sale is done including paying the CGT to hacienda so there is no need to deduct the 3% AS for Euro MP’s -I live in Kent and my MEP is a pariah -does not even answer emails. The Conservative ones hopeless -they just collect their money and don’t care. The European Union needs to take Spain to task -but who will do it they break and bend every rule in the book -Pirates -remember Spanish Armada. .Well Rahoy has a nasty bunch around him -Cannot see a recovery there until this insanity stops.