Re: Re: 160k euros will buy residency permission in Spain

Fuengi (Andrew)

@angie wrote:

The more I look at the detail of this new initiative the more it looks half-baked and not thought out properly:

‘It wants to attract foreigners who are obviously rich’ – 160k euros min. requirement for housing, is not ‘rich’ housing. 🙄

A backlash from other EU members is expected as a Spanish passport will mean these new immigrants can work in all 27 member states. 😯 This could cause major upset, all countries could offer similar schemes and the EU get flooded with how many new immigrants taking the available jobs for existing nationals 😯

This article claims there are between 700,000 and 1.1 million unsold new homes, there’s a big difference there of 400,000, and, how many 2nd hand re-sales are there? 😯

Again no-one seems to know the true figures for Spain’s unsold homes, new or resale, why not? Mark, as SPI owner/administrator, do you know this answer? 🙄 ❓

Hi Angie, can you supply a source that shows that spain will be giving passports? can’t seem to find it. thanks