Re: Re: 160k euros will buy residency permission in Spain


@angie wrote:

it’s tantamount to deception.

He does of course omit essential information such as that you’ve pointed out 🙄

Angie – you’re the one who only posts one side of the story. A bit rich of you to accuse others of omitting information. I’m not sure why you are emotionally attached to finding bad news about Spain (and yes, there is plenty about, but there are lots of opportunities there too). But as the tide turns in 2013 (and it will, which is why Spain is no longer finding it difficult to find buyers of its debt) you’re going to be more and more annoyed. All those disaster-scenarios you so-hoped for, are not going to happen. As to whether people should invest – yes, they should weigh up pros and cons. I’m certainly not going to advise others to invest anywhere whether Dubai, Spain or London- that’s their choice. I’m just hoping in the short run that my new web venture (prototype to be running within 2 weeks in stealth mode, January launch planned for Spain, February in Turkey) proves the success I think it will be. But in my case, I’m beginning to be put off my plan of running it from Spain, easy to stay in the UK, because of the prospect of higher taxes. Vamos a ver…

Here’s a very interesting link to “Myths about the Spanish economy”

Spain is competitive and able to grow:
• Exports are at record highs (above €200 bn., 22% of GDP), and they should keep growing due
to a cheap and productive labor force
• Revenues from tourism and other services are also at historic highs (€60 bn.) and continue to
• Entrepreneurs and SMEs, supported by world class large companies, should lead Spain’s
economic growth model going forward