Re: Re: 160k euros will buy residency permission in Spain



Compare this with Dubai.

New “Multiple Visit Visas” have been announced by Dubai Government this week. There are several types of new visas and these are of

benefit to a range of cruise tourists, businessmen and property owners & their families.

6 Month Visit Visa for Property Owners

For ANY Property Owner the following benefits apply:-

-The visa will be for 6 months

-Property owners can stay for length of Visa (6 months)

-Dependents of Property owners can also stay 6 months at a time

-It allows multiple entries

-After 6 months a property owner can apply for another 6 months visa.

-Visa only allows residence – you would still have to apply for a work visa in order to work.


-This, 6 month visit visa, like all visas are issued by Ministry of Interior and NOT by Developers or Estate Agents.

-Buying any property does NOT entitle you to automatic lifelong residency in UAE

However, this is a welcome step. Previously the UAE Property Visa was only applicable to Properties over AED 1m. The new Visa applies to property at ANY price. This gives even those buying a low cost Studio property with investment of just £35,000 a 6 months renewable visa.

Investors can still use the normal 30/60 day “Tourist Visa” and tourists from many western countries get this visa free at the airport. However this is limited to 30 days with extension to 60 days at a time – not 6 months.