Re: Re: 10 Reasons Not To Buy A Property In Spain


All triple AAA advice which you can find by wading through this forums historic posts.

Since that blog was written in 2011 the situation in Spain for investors has worsened to junk status. More austerity is in the pipe line, IVA increase, utility, community and property tax rises inevitable.

Of course that’s happening everywhere else too. Disposable incomes are being squeezed in Europe and the wider world by the need for austerity. Private and public investment is declining across all sectors as risks increases and returns diminish.

I see a new form of ice age in the worlds economies. Stagnation and decline. Depressing but with investment you need at times to be bearish. Find alternatives where the risks are less and costs are low.

Property and especially recreational property is a definite disaster in the current climate.

If a property in Spain looks too good to be true, remember it probably is. Someone owns it and wants his investment returned. Ask yourself why? The likely answer is because the owner knows it’s real value is only heading south.