Re: Re: 10 Reasons Not To Buy A Property In Spain


@angie wrote:

Not trying to ruffle feathers here, but the topic is about reasons ‘not to buy in Spain for Brits’ which came off EOS another website designed primarily to help Brits I believe, as is this site.

That said the link above does go somewhere if clicked on, regarding Spaniards paying for mortgages on invisible properties.

Occasionally you hear about Brits being ripped off in the UK with their properties, however the scale is miniscule compared to what has happened in Spain, I would be interested in comparing the stats 🙄

well there are 103,000 results for “London property scam”, and 66,500 for Marbella, so considering how much bigger London is, you may be right. But the post was a reply to your insinuation that only the Spanish have scams. Plenty do it in the UK too, and indeed they are probably much worse for rental scams. Good and bad everywhere, which is why it’s good people like you can point out possible pitfalls. No doubt it’s not harmful to your UK house selling either. 😉