Re: Re: 10 Reasons Not To Buy A Property In Spain


Logan wrote
“If your point is the value of property in Spain will crash to being worthless you are wrong”.

NO NO NO I am saying ANY financial investment in property in Spain is too risky and will stay that way for years to come.
If investors want to invest they will come to places like London.

This unfortunate fact means misery for existing property owners in Spain

And before you go off on another tangent and start writing about buying to live in Spain read my comments posted in 2009 and reposted on the El Soto thread.
I am sad to say even the rental market will struggle for the indefinite future.

Are you really saying you would buy a property in Spain if the price was right?

If you are I would ask what is your real agenda here?

Are you a vulture that wants to pick over the corpse once the current owners have lost everything ?
Be careful what you wish for France could be next with ex pats there desperate to sell.