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Dear all,

I find that most of you complain when buying off-plan, but do not forget that way you are saving around 30 or 40 % in your investment if not more…. You can´t have it all can you. Nevertheless this is not excused to be ripped by some builders which as a spanierd , I regret also !

My advice is just make sure of what you are buying and where. Unfortunately you can only ask for building licenses, project and bank guarantees, though this is not 100 % sure either.

A granted building license, can be revoced (cancelled) (sorry my English is not perfect if I make spelling errors…) by the government for political reasons and many times it is not the builders or sales agent´s falt. But if you have a proper bank guarantee, you are safe enough since you can get your money back plus the legal inerest of the yearly money value given by banks which is allready more than just have it sitting in some account. Of course sometimes, this is not even worth the hussel, headaches and stressed, but trust me, it is exactly the same in the U.K. , Germany and of course much worst in countries without legal guarantees like Turkey, Morrocco, Bulgary, Rumania, Portugal or even Greece.

Spain is not like 20 years ago. I know many people from abroad doing also illegal things concerning rustic land properties and then complaining on T.V. when legal actions are taken againts them

Just my oppinion

Enjoy your stay , Spain is the best place to be, not sunamies, no earthquakes , no Islam (not yet whatsoever) good food and good wheather …….. !