Re: Property crash?




Have seen various views on tv and in the Press about a property crash.

It seems the Finance people agree generally that there could be a decline or even a crash in the UK, whereas those involved in Estate Agency like Phil Spencer, Kirsty Allsop (both agents), Savills etc are saying the complete opposite. (I wonder why, maybe their vested interest?)

Add the U.S., Spanish and talked of French property bubble burst and it makes you wonder about the UK. The only argument against a crash is the continual ‘demand outstripping supply’, mainly underpinned by investors and immigrants, never mind the poor 1st timers unable to get a foot-hold. If the many ‘buy to let brigade’ start to dump property because of fears of a crash or just not getting decent rental returns, plus interest rate rises, then the market really could crash here I believe.

Just my opinion though.