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hi all,

my first post on this subject was in may 2007 and thanks to all who replied. can you believe that it is still going on!

my solicitor had the cheek to ask for further fees (which i paid) to submit further “required” forms to the tax office ( i was in too deep to tell him where to go).

that was in dec 2007 and he told me then that it would take 2 months ie feb 2008 to get me refund. i am still waiting for this refund and i am now being told that the tax office in malaga have lost my papers. i just find it all exhausting.

is there any decent spanish lawyers out there who could expedite this? (i recall glynn the lawyer sent me a comprehensive reply some time ago when i first posted on the subject and if you are reading this glynn and fancy a challenge please get in touch).

i have copies of the modelo 212/214 forms but this spanish lawyer i am dealing with has been paid for this service back in jan 2007 and he only replies to 1 out of 10 emails. that realy makes me seeth!!

if someone doesnt help, im going to get on a plane and pay him a visit which will cost him a great deal more than the refund i am expecting.

please help!