Re: power of attorney



Just entered this thread.
Noticed JUde said in september that
“nobody should ever give a general power of attorney to anyone.unfortunatley many do.”

As a Legal consultant I provide many many elderly,and some not so elderly folk with EPA’s. The attorneys appointed are noramlly their spouses and/or children and they are given EPA to enable them to look after the donors affairs should sickness or incapacity prevent the donor from doing so themselves.
It is a perfectly normal thing to do. Indeed all of us should give one because NONE of us know what is just around the corner.
THe problems that arise from not being able to sign ones name are horrendous.
Hence EPA’s. Most of them giving total control.

It works very well. There are checks and contols if someone needs to invoke an EPA because the donor has mental incapacity but otherwise it is a perfectly valid and reliable means of giving someone control.
It would not work if it was NOT “general”. !!